Get Connected to Bluegrass in Arizona
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Welcome to the Arizona Bluegrass Association!!

Our mission at the Arizona Bluegrass Association is to promote and encourage the uniquely American musical forms of bluegrass, old-time, gospel, and traditional instrumental and vocal music of the United States. We are dedicated to promoting these music forms throughout Arizona and the Desert Southwest.

We accomplish this through facilitating jams, workshops and other educational opportunities for "pickers" of all skill levels.  Those who don't play an instrument (grinners) but enjoy the music are encouraged to get involved and help us spread the word about this great musical style.

Why join?  Some of the benefits of joining the Arizona Bluegrass Association include:

  • Monthly newsletter, "Bluegrass Beacon", e-mailed directly to you. Stay connected with bluegrass events in Arizona even if you travel. See a sample past newsletter here;
  • Social activities such as our campouts and spring and Christmas parties;
  • Opportunities for volunteering, teaching, leadership and mentoring; Membership helps support bluegrass music outreach activities in Arizona.
  • Members "circle the wagons" at festivals and other events to jam together.

Membership dues are $20/year for an individual or family membership.

The Arizona Bluegrass Association is a non-profit corporation formed under the laws of the State of Arizona and is IRS recognized as a 501 (c)(3), an educational, historical and tax exempt public corporation. It is not organized for the private gain of any person, or persons. Membership fees, merchandise sales, donations, and fund-raising projects, all of which pay for the events, activities, and programs we offer, wholly support the Arizona Bluegrass Association.  All gifts, including cash, and instruments, are fully tax deductible within the IRS Tax Code. Membership is not tax deductible.

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